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Your Privacy Comes First at Kanoodle

Kanoodle takes privacy seriously, and we have strict policies in place to ensure that your business with us remains YOUR BUSINESS. Any and all private details you supply to us are held in the strictest confidence; we will never release any of your information to third parties except to facilitate the fulfillment of your order(s). Kanoodle employees will have limited access to your data and all employees are bound by a non-disclosure contract prohibiting access or use of collected data for any use not directly related to sales, dispatch and support.

Your Personal Information

Kanoodle does not collect personal data without your knowledge and your voluntary action of providing requested information. We use provided details to:
  • Create user accounts which hold your contact and delivery details.
  • Process and secure your requested transactions.
  • Contact you with an order summary and shipment tracking information.
  • Request reviews of purchased products.
Our newsletter system is run completely separately from our ordering system and they are mutually exclusive services. If you wish to receive promotional materials from us via email, you are welcome to sign up with any email address you like, at your own discretion, in order to protect your privacy on shared computers, etc. Kanoodle will not share, transfer, sell or make available any personal information you provide on our website outside of our organisation without your consent, unless legally required.

To unsubscribe from our promotional newsletter, please follow the link at the footer of your most recent newsletter email.

You are welcome to use a false addressee name or alias if you so desire. But, please bear in mind that, while using an alias may help protect your identity, it can also make it difficult for us to provide customer service or insurance on postage services. Providing false data on the payment page (where you make your secure credit card payment) is considered fraud and your payment will be rejected or reversed in this case. We don't record payment data, so that information will never be visible to staff.

Cookies and User Tracking

In order to provide essential features such as account log-in, shopping carts, SSL encryption and statistical reporting, we make use of tracking 'cookies'. These are text-only files generated by your browser at our website's request. They link your browser to secure information held on our website via a unique ID. Basic cookies like ours offer additional security and enhance your user experience by keeping your information on our server rather than requiring that it be re-submitted every time you visit a page. Unless you actively block cookies, you're likely to have hundreds of them already. They're practically harmless.

However, 'permanent cookies' are named according to the websites you visit, and can, in effect, offer prying eyes a glimpse into your browsing habits. While Kanoodle.com.au is more innocuous than the names of most online adult retailers, we appreciate that some users will want to remove these cookies, or even prevent them from being used at all. To facilitate this, we have provided some easy steps you can follow for many major web browsers on our Anonymity and Secrecy page.

To learn more about how far we go to protect your privacy, read about our Secure Online Ordering and Discreet Shipping policies! We don't muck around.

Protecting Your Data

Kanoodle exceeds Australia standards for website security by using the latest 256bit SSL encryption. This ensures that you have a direct, encrypted connection with our own web servers. Helping to protect you from spoof websites or other external threats which may compromise your privacy or payment information. We also use a super-secure 'payment gateway' to process our secure credit card transactions. This third-party merchant facility has no idea what you're purchasing, and our employees have no idea what your credit card information is. This double-blind allows us total security of information while still offering fast response for instant payment and same-business-day dispatch of orders.

Unsolicited Contact

We keep our customer accounts and newsletter subscriptions completely separate: You won't receive unsolicited emails from us just because you placed an order one time, and likewise you don't need to order from us to join our mailing list for sales, promotions and competitions. You can opt in and out of our newsletter at any time, and you don't have to use the same email for both your account and your subscription.

We require a valid daytime phone number in the event that there is a problem with your order that can't be efficiently resolved via email. These situations are rare, but sometimes post goes missing, or we have problems with addresses or typographical errors. We will only phone you as a last resort, and we won't provide any details to anybody who answers but YOU. This level of discretion can hinder our efforts to provide timely customer service, but we know you'll be happy we didn't leave a message with your partner, room mate, secretary or father.


Placing an order or submitting your details to the newsletter subscription signify's your acceptance of these policies.

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